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  • Mobile Marketing Professionals

    We’re at the cutting edge of mobile website marketing. We help hundreds of brands get their mobile websites discovered. We have an impressive track record in running Pay per Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and mobile advertising campaigns for brands

  • The mobile site looks amazing. I love it. I will definitely use the mobile friendly logos in my ads. Thank you again! It really looks great!
  • B Mobilzed works diligently to deliver our projects on time. Their programming is very organized and modular, so it’s easy for our team to understand. They understand my requirements as well as come up with great UI solutions where details have not been completely specified. I look forward to continued success between us.
  • Mobile Website Plans
    • Silver
    • Gold
    • Ultimate
    • Custom
    On Sale:$149.00 You save: $48.00! (24.37%)

    Personal/Basic Business Plan

    • Free Mobi Domain
    • Automatic Mobile Detection and redirection
    • Efficient and Simple Design
    • 1-7 pages
    • SEO optimization
    • 3 months free hosting
    • $7.95/month hosting after the first 3 months
    On Sale:$289.00 You save: $58.00! (16.71%)

    Standard Business Plan

    • Free Mobi Domain
    • Automatic Mobile Detection and redirection
    • Company Brand Consistency
    • 1-10 pages
    • 1 month free content updates
    • Geo location (w/ local maps)
    • Google analytics
    • SEO Optimization
    • 6 months free hosting
    • $12.95/month hosting after first 6 months.
      On Sale:$399.00 You save: $98.00! (19.72%)
  • We will perform all tasks mentioned at #1 above plus we will provide you with a QR code which contains the url of your mobile website.
  • This means you can put the QR code on any marketing materials, and when a user scans and clicks your QR code he will be automatically taken to your mobile website!
  • We will provide your QR code with basic color decoration (usually comforms to the color theme of your website). This will make your QR code stands out from the crowd, but avoids the difficulty in decoding caused by more complex color combinations.
  • Mobile Directory Submission.
  • Weekly supply of analytics.
  • 1 year free hosting then $14.95/month hosting after first year.
  • 10 + Web Pages
    • This includes mobile website design, setup, and QR code creation as mentioned above.
    • Please note that whatever service you choose from us, we only charge you a very competitive one-time fee. There is no recurring payment after service is completed.
    • This 4 Service is custom if you have any ideas how you would that your mobile site will look like,then contact us,or use form below. and we will help you to decide,and also give our final price.

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    Future of Mobile Websites

    The adoption rate of smartphones and tablets has soared in the last 12 months. This trend has ushered in a whole new generation of users that are turning to the web on their mobiles to acquire information that helps them make decisions on the move.

    Be strategic

    Like any website, the cornerstone of success for mobile sites is a definite and clear focus on how your mobile strategy will meet overall business objectives. So you need to determine what these business goals are and then how your mobile site will fit in and help accomplish these. For many companies, this focus will begin with a consideration of the mobile visitor. Why would they want to come to your site? Will their needs be different than your main website? You have to be sure what your audience is after when looking at your site on a mobile device. We can do all this for your company,brand or just a simple website.

    Mobile Data Traffic to Go Through the Roof

    We’ve come a long way in mobile adoption, but the next 5 years will show even more incredible growth. According to the presentation, there will be as much as 26x compound annual growth in mobile data traffic over the next 5 years. Mobile Data Traffic Stats